IMG_2661 tak manja.jpg

"SHOO ME", 2019.

digital print, 2 sizes more info here

IMG_6069 manja fin.jpg

"COVERED", 2020.

digital print, 2 sizes, more info here

IMG_2665 radjena crop manja.jpg

"ARTSCULP", 2019.

digital print, 2 sizes more info here

Taken by an endless stream of images that surround me, lost in their tensions and intentions, fleeting trends, aesthetics and ironies, I try to turn around and face the current.


A consumer myself, with an ambiguous love-hate relationship with fashion and art, I am diving into diversity of reflections, exploring borders between consumerism and desires, searching for the line between the personal and the collective.


Seeking sculptural echoes in objects, intrigued by absurdity of repetitions and reiterations of ideas, notion of nostalgia in its various manifestations, my project’s content holds an open spectrum of associations and interpretations, accepting the state of being lost and nonsense that follows.


The selected works hereby presented in a form of a limited series of digital prints are dealing with questions of appropriation meanings in new contexts, notion of expiration date and feelings of isolation, solitude and unanimity.


All the prints are produced on paper Mondi-Pergraphica, Natural Rough 240g, available in in 2 sizes, signed and numbered.