In the ocean of most unexpected pictures today, in the ocean full of irony, good and bad humor, cynicism, this series of photos is a playful project and my natural reaction and respond on all these phenomenons. 

With no intention to fit in, but certainly not to jump out from the face of Earth, I am attracted and provoked by necessity of society to be distracted and amused constantly in always new levels, as possible it is today.

While exploring borders between consumerism and desires, the absurdity of ideas, as consumer itself, with love-hate relationship with fashion, trends and industry, with this project I am diving into diversity of intentions, accepting nonsense as one of his adjectives, too.

It’s an open spectrum of associations and interpretations. These photographs give observer the opportunity to be inspired and animated. In the same time they creating funny and catchy marketing solution.

"SHOO ME", October 2019