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In her new life, with discovering a different culture and mentalities around her, with all adjustments she needs to endure and live through, she meets loneliness at its best and she becomes mastermind paranoid of imaginative scenarios. When she develops personal madness loaded with fears and hopelessness, she starts the research on herself that brings the new maturity she hasn't met before.
She transforms the helpless feeling of solitude into her advantage. Her appetite goes for attractive magazine cover solutions, bringing narcissistic scent in the air, but only at first glance.

Loneliness and restless introspection are disguised by allegedly glamorous life she lives.

She decides to displace herself from her habitat to magazine covers.
While flirting with the language of fashion, playing a game of the real ones, she is reproducing more than this. Using 'light' elements to describe madness, with no direct association, all her loneliness, desires, potentials, possibilities, doubts, comparison in this social networking imagery epoch we live, are here. Indeed, pointing on individual dissatisfaction and frustration in society while openly using personal.

However, awareness is the key guide into understanding the issue of existence.

A never-ending process of never-ending sessions and never-ending color drama. Many more in progress, many more to come.


Marija Delić Peinetti

Collage project initiated in October 2019. In a meanwhile project got his new name, "LYS".

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